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Windy Chocolate

Walk into our production facility and you’ll see a shiny, metallic maze of tanks, tubes and tracks that continuously melt, move and wrap chocolate bars that support conservation.  How do we power all of those chocolate-filled machines?  With wind!  100% of the electrical energy used to power our office, warehouse and production facility comes from clean, green wind power.  This renewable energy source is harvested from wind farms here in Indian, purchased through Indianapolis Power & Light Green Power Option.

In order to make a commitment to renewable energy, we needed to find room in our budget.  Interestingly enough, our investment  in wind power was made possible by greening up our energy usage.  A 2009 power audit prompted us to make smart improvements to our HVAC system – which reduced Endangered Species Chocolate’s energy consumption by 40%.  A small portion of this savings was all that was needed to invest in purchasing 100% renewable energy for our building.  Endangered Species Chocolate has been an EPA Green Power Partner ever since!

Our annual green power purchase eliminates 501 metric tons of CO2 emissions associated with our purchased electricity – that’s the equivalent of taking 110 cars off the road every year.  Buying green power is truly one of the easiest and most effective ways we’ve improved our facility’s environmental performance.

Comment and share how you’ve reduced energy consumption in your home or office.

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  • I’ll promote your green related website on our blog. Plenty of traffic and rewards for taking a second and submitting a product or idea you have for green energy

  • On the subject of environment friendly energy, my daughter and I constructed a cost-free power generator last week going off of this blueprint. It was actually quite simple to put together, even though I’m not much of a handy man. It is pretty neat. We take it backpacking and use it to run our compact gadgets. Not like solar power systems, this device seems to work cloudy or shine.

  • Me and Jim were contemplating purchasing some solar panel products for our home recently. The only issue was the price tag. The most affordable solar system we found was about five thousand bucks. It would have taken us decades to recover that amount. Anyway, we came across these recommendations for creating your own solar panel products. We ended up going that route. It saved us quite a bit of dollars, and the no cost, efficient electricity is great! :) We power a number of of our home appliances off of this source of power.

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