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Impact of Images

Have you happened across our new Endangered Species Chocolate ads yet?  You’d remember if you did because they are STELLAR! (Me, biased?  Never!)  The animal photography featured in our “Indulge in a Cause” ads was captured by the camera of Eric Isselée.  We were not only drawn to the powerful presence of his images, we were also captivated by his philanthopic mission and compassionate approach.

Eric Isselée’s project, Life on White, aims to document Earth’s endangered animals and insects.  Over the past four years, his series of wildlife set against pure white backgrounds has grown to over 10,000 photos of over 450 animal species.  Images this special shine a spotlight on these species, thereby raising their public profile and ultimately, helping to ensure their conservation.   In addition to capturing images for future generations, Life on White donates generously to animal charities and sanctuaries.

Eric’s team travels worldwide to get their shots.  The team insists on the animals being photographed in their own environment (mostly sanctuaries and zoos) so animals don’t suffer any undue stress linked to transport or unknown environments.  You can watch for yourself by clicking on Life on White’s “Making Of…” videos.  Imagine patiently waiting 72+ hours for a peacock to strut his stuff for your lens.  Or clicking away as mischievous monkeys cavort across your portable white backdrop.

This work results in stunning photos that show each animal’s beauty, emotion and personality.  Images this vivid and artistic bond the viewer to the animal and create compassion.  We love supporting and sharing this work.

Name some of your favorite wildlife/conservation photographers.  Have you ever photographed wildlife – what challenges did you face?  Share what inspires you visually by commenting below.

6 Comments to “Impact of Images”

  • I don’t have any favorite photographer by name although I love the work in National Geographic. I do love to photograph squirrels in my backyard!

  • Franz Lanting and Art Wolfe are a couple of my favorite wildlife photographers. I have photographed wildlife myself. Depending on the animal and the circumstances, it can be very easy or very difficult. I have been lucky enough to visit the Galapagos and Antarctica where the wildlife does not feel threatened by people so I could be very close to the animals. Other times and places the animals are much more elusive and waiting for the right moment takes patience.

  • Without question you must check out Nick Brandt…Just screamingly brilliant photographer! Cheers!

    • Monica Erskine

      I am awestruck! Dropping hints to my family that I would love a Nick Brandt book for my birthday. Thank you for introducing me (and other readers) to this amazing photographer.

      • It’s on my list too! His Big Life Foundation is truly inspiring as well. He sincerey puts his heart into his work in every way.

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