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Chocolate Allergy?

Seeking solace from the pine pollen that was kicking my allergies into overdrive, I spent much of my Saturday morning indoors at my favorite coffee shop.  In true Monica-style, I set up camp – covering the table with my sketch pad, colored pencils, soy chai and a dangerously dark Endangered Species Chocolate bar.  Just as I was about to don a pair of headphones and start drawing, the fellow at the next table pointed at my chocolate bar and asked why it had a picture of a panther on the wrapper.  Once I finished waxing poetic about the virtues of all-natural, ethically traded chocolate that supports species conservation, he looked at me with an impish grin and said, “I’m allergic to chocolate.”

Suddenly my itchy eyes, stuffy nose and headache from the pollen seemed like small potatoes.  Imagine that for a moment.  An allergy to chocolate.  No chocolate bars, chocolate cakes, chocolate ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate truffles!  “How do you cope?” was the only question I could muster.  He laughed and said that he never really developed a taste for chocolate so he didn’t feel like he was missing out on much (unlike this poor soul).

After doing some research, I found out that allergies to cocoa (the bean that is the main ingredient in chocolate) are exceedingly rare.  It’s more likely that the fellow I met over coffee had an allergy to one of the ingredients in chocolate.  Milk, peanuts and tree nuts, wheat and gluten, and soy are often the ingredients found in some chocolate bars that can trigger allergies.  Symptoms of a chocolate allergy can include headaches, heartburn, hives or difficulty breathing.  In severe cases, a person can go into anaphylactic shock.  It’s pretty serious and there’s no over-the-counter pill that can cure this allergy – the only way to avoid issues is to pass on the chocolate.

Do you know someone that is allergic to chocolate?  Comments welcome below!

9 Comments to “Chocolate Allergy?”

  • I actually am allergic to cocoa, it makes the roof of my mouth swell up and get sore. The same thing happens when I drink a lot of coffee, like 2 latte’s a day for a few days, I wonder if it is something in the beans? It’s definatly more severe and quicker with chocolate though.

  • Is it true? I love to eat chocolate so much. Thanks God. I am not allergic chocolate.

  • if i was allergic to chocolate—- i dont think i could live…..
    that said.. if was allergic.. i wouldn’t know what I would be missing!

  • i could not even imagine being allergic to chocolate! i love it so!

  • OMG I am so happy I’m not allergic to chocolate. I didn’t even know anyone was. Mmmmm your products look delicious!

  • I am so grateful that I am not allergic to chocolate.

  • My husband was allergic to a staggering number of foods when he was a kid, and chocolate was on the long list. Hard to know whether it was actually one of the ingredients (his family ate dark chocolate, so at least milk wasn’t the culprit, though he was allergic to that too) or chocolate itself. Luckily he’s now cured, after many years of allergy shots.

  • I have honestly never heard of anyone being allergic to chocolate, and I think it’s because who would admit it, right? Even if I was peeling my skin off in strips, I’d blame it on the dog rather than give up my chocolate!

  • I was told when I was younger, that I too, am allergic chocolate! The hives attack my poor body. But I eat it anyway! :)

    Loved this blog! “In true Monica-style, I set up camp – covering the table with my sketch pad, colored pencils, soy chai and a dangerously dark Endangered Species Chocolate bar.” My favorite part….very “Monica-ish.”

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