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Eco Chores

As I find more and more ways to green up my life, I find that there are some eco-minded acts I relish more than others.  I may not LOVE all the eco chores on my To Do list – but I incorporate them into my family’s life because the actions reflect how we want to support the planet.

→  Rinsing out peanut butter and jelly jars before tossing them in the recycle bin?  *grumble, grumble, complain*

→  Hitting myself over the head when I forget to BYOBag on shopping trips?  Ugh, now I have to lug those horrid plastic bags home, hanging my head in shame.

→  And taking kitchen scraps out to the compost bin?  According to my husband, I put this chore off till the last minute each and every week.

But enough about the small handful of eco-tasks that I don’t totally dig!  There is a long list of green-minded habits that I find inspiring, enjoyable and – dare I say – indulgent.  Finding ways to help the planet that mesh with your personal interests is a great way to nurture a lasting commitment to being green.

→  As a girl that likes to get her hands dirty, I find it a fun, educational challenge to raise my flowers and vegetables organically.  And all those drought-resistant native plants I planted over the years?  They give me a beautiful backyard that requires little to no watering or maintenance.

→  Biking is an excellent way to reduce my carbon footprint – but really, pedaling home from work is a rather selfish act that allows me to arrive home refreshed and stress free.

→  Shopping at our local farmer’s market tests my budding culinary skills as I create a meal from the organic produce available that day.  It also is a great way to spead a Saturday morning outdoors with my family.

Next on my list of Earth-friendly chores to employ are putting up a backyard clothes line and joining an environmental advocacy group in my area.  Being environmentally aware isn’t all about the mundane daily tasks (note to self – remember to buy energy-efficient bulb for front porch light!), it’s about finding creative, fun ways to incorporate green acts into your lifestyle.  Want to see how other’s do it?  Check out the photo entries in Whole Foods and Endangered Species Chocolate’s “Indulge in a Cause” photo contest.  Vote for your favorite by May 13th; the grand prize winner receives $5,000 to donate to the eco-charity of their choice and a year of chocolate from ESC.

What eco-tasks do you find not all that thrilling?  Which ones do you truely embrace and enjoy?  Share with us by commenting below.

6 Comments to “Eco Chores”

  • “doing my part” to help save the environment in anyway that I can- Love Having to throw out certain unavoidable, purchased items because our area does not recycle them- Loathe

  • Planting my vegetable garden-Love… Grasshoppers the size of shotgun shells eating my garden.-Loathe

    • Monica Erskine

      We ordered some ladybugs for our small vegetable garden. I’m hoping they can teach some manners to the pests that are dining on our tomatoes. Good luck with your monster grasshoppers, Pam! I appreciate you reading and commenting.

  • Forgetting my bag, I hate. As for the scraps? I’m going to do what I did a few years ago. Worm compost. But instead of a big fancy setup, I’m just going to go to the bait shop, get the worm farms they have, get the worms from there, and spend next to nothing on it. Then I don’t have to go to the compost bin as much. LOVE doing that, composting (and hanging laundry) is fun. Forgetting bags, rinsing things out? Not fun. Weeding by hand? Sometimes meditative, sometimes annoying as heck.

    • Monica Erskine

      Totally agree with you on the weeding, Ann. Depending on my mood, it can be a peaceful or pesky chore. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

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