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Endangered Species Day

Mark your calendar.  Friday, May 20th marks the 6th year of national Endangered Species Day.  This day presents an opportunity to really focus on the importance of protecting plant and animal life.  From the downright adorable to the wonderfully weird, each species has a place and purpose on our planet.  Thousands of plant and animal species across the world are endangered and on the brink of extinction.  Over the years, the Endangered Species Act has provided a much needed helping hand to our natural neighbors.

America enacted the Endangered Species Act in 1973, one of dozens of U.S. environmental laws that were passed in the 1970s.  The Act was designed to protect critically imperiled species from extinction – to protect and nurture populations back to full health.  It is not a perfect law but it has been hugely successful to many species on the brink.  Critical habitats are given a fighting chance under the Act too.  Millions of acres of ancient forests, wild beaches, open meadows and sparkling rivers – treasured places that would have otherwise been long since logged out, paved over or built up had it not been for the Endangered Species Act.

Put endangered species and conservation groups in the forefront of your mind this month.  Extinction is forever.  Protecting our world’s disappearing wildlife and open spaces is a responsibility that needs our focus, compassion and action.

Which endangered species speaks to your heart the most?  Let us know by sharing the species you are most passionate about my commenting below.

2 Comments to “Endangered Species Day”

  • I love elephants – just look at this pic to see why! http://www.arkive.org/asian-elephant/elephas-maximus/image-G4112.html It’s so sad that they’re endangered. Hopefully events like endangered species day will help to raise awareness.

  • Tigers are closest to my heart. I hope the renewed efforts to protect this incredible creature keep them around so that I and my daughter and future grandkids can have a chance to see them in the wild.

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