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Sensory Tasting

Working at a chocolate company is SUCH HARD WORK!  Each week, we are assigned “sensory duty” – meaning we have to drag ourselves away from our desks to sample endless bites of freshly made premium chocolate for the sake of quality control.  Over the years, I’ve learned a thing or twelve about chocolate tasting.

First and foremost – chocolate…really good chocolate…deserves to be thoroughly savored and appreciated.  Get the most our of your next chocolate experience by involving all of your senses.  Pick your favorite fine chocolate (here’s mine) and let the sensory suggestions below guide you.


A glossy shine to the chocolate’s surface shows a good temper – cocoa  mass and cocoa butter bonded to perfection.  The overall color should be consistent, a feast for the eyes.


A crisp, bright snap indicates quality.  When chocolate molecules are aligned (a proper temper) they are harder to break apart, hence the snap!


A sensual step that should never be skipped!  Release chocolate’s aroma by rubbing your fingers along the chocolate’s surface.  Inhale deeply and focus.  What olfactory memories pop into your mind?  While smelling the chocolate, prepare your taste buds…


Take a bite and notice the texture of the chocolate.  Fine chocolate should feel smooth to your tongue.


Now, close your eyes and cut off all sensory information except the chocolate and your taste buds.  Allow the chocolate to overwhelm you.  Fine chocolate should have a lasting impact – a slow and lingering flavor experience.    BWF2JQHM8AEN

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