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Tell Me What’s Involved.

What's Involved

Welcome to Involved, a blog written by a handful of avid, chocolate-wise employees at Endangered Species Chocolate. As a supporter of our company, we know you are as passionate as we are about species, habitat, humanity…and, of course, chocolate!

This is a place where you can get inspired, ask questions and share experiences about bettering the planet. And it practically goes without saying that you’ll learn a ton about the captivating power of chocolate. We expect to learn a lot from you too!

Welcome. We look forward to having you Involved.

What steps, big or small, do you take to make a positive impact on the planet?

2 Comments to “Tell Me What’s Involved.”

  • Monica Erskine

    Sheryl, You must be so proud of the person your son is growing up to be. To have such compassion (coupled with focused action) at his age is admirable and inspiring. Thank you for sharing this story with us.

  • For our son’s Bar Mitzvah we were looking for a party favor of sorts to commemorate the occasion when I saw Endangered Species Chocolates. Since our son has always loved animals and chose to support their conservation with his Mitzvah Project we thought these would be great our family and yours share two passions delicious dark chocolate and love of animals. We chose Bug Bites for the kids to make it fun. They were a big hit. Thanks for all you do.

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