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Slow Going

Do I blame the endless summer heat for squelching my creative process? (that one gets my vote)  Could it be that I am still struggling to get back in the swing of work, post-vacation? (doubt it – I took 2 weeks off and returned refreshed)  Maybe the fact that I stopped exercising 3 weeks ago has something to do with it. (ugh, I feel really guilty about that one)

The ideas just aren’t flowing, y’all.  I feel like a turtle tucked in a shell – hiding from my writing.  I have neglected to compose an engaging post (or any post for that matter) for 3 weeks.  No thoughts on chocolate.  No inspiring words about the importance of conservation.  Nothing. Zilch.  Nada.

But, ya know, maybe the cure lies in  just admitting that I have a problem.  Because – strangely – penning this mediocre post is actually making me feel freer, more relaxed…and dare I say it, unblocked.  Finally facing the fact that my mojo is lost has also encouraged me to take control and seek out ways to recapture it.  This list, 33 Ways to Stay Creative, is my new mentor.

Thanks for being patience with my humanness.  Carry on.

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