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Wine and chocolate

Wine and Chocolate

Luckily, I never took to heart the idea that pairing wine with chocolate is impossible. Some claim that chocolate will dominate your taste buds and ruin the way you taste the wine. Not so! When paired correctly the combination is flirty – with the chocolate complementing the wine and the wine enhancing the chocolate. Ready to give it a go? Here are some tried and true tips to keep in mind as you begin your pairing quest:

1. Think sweet. Choose a wine that is sweet or sweeter than the chocolate.
2. Match hue. Lighter chocolates pair better with lighter bodied wines; chocolates with a high cocoa content blend better with full bodied wines.
3. Practice makes perfect. Keep your favorite chocolate bar on hand (mine’s 72% Supreme Dark) to nibble on whenever you pour a new wine. When you find a bottle that blends well with the chocolate, savor…then share the combination with friends.

Want some examples? Here are some suggestions from the Wine Specialist at our local Whole Foods Market.  And does your green-self ever wonder what to do with all those wine corks?  Check out these ideas from EcoSnobberySucks.

What’s been your experience pairing wine and chocolate? How about beer and chocolate? Share your findings so we can all reap the benefits!

5 Comments to “Wine and chocolate”

  • Awesome pairing tips. Wine+chocolate, ftw! Thanks for the linkage to Eco-Snobbery Sucks too.

  • I’ve never been a stranger to wine and chocolate as a decadent treat, but I love the suggestions of beers and chocolates that compliment each other, I am definately inspired to try some of them out.

  • A very wonderful combination! I’d love to try this combo tomorrow night. It’s my anniversary.

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  • Monica Erskine

    Here’s another great resource to improve your pairing success, http://wine.about.com/od/winerecommendations/a/winechocolate.htm.

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