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Letter from African Wildlife Foundation


We’d like to share a letter of thanks we received this week from 10% GiveBack Partner, African Wildlife Foundation. Each chocolate bar you purchase is helping generate donations that are having a powerful impact on at-risk species around the globe. From all of us here at Endangered Species Chocolate, thank you for indulging in a cause.

Over the past seven years African Wildlife Foundation, AWF, has been privileged to see Endangered Species Chocolate grow to become one of our most committed, generous supporters. [The] 10% GiveBack program that has been provided to AWF over the past year will make a significant difference for advancing our mission to ensure the wildlife and wildlands of Africa endure forever.

Among other priority species programs, ESC’s support has been a catalyst for the launch and expansion of our African Apes Initiative that seeks to protect the critical habitat of Africa’s chimpanzee, mountain gorilla, lowland gorilla and bonobo. Further, the 10% GiveBack funding has bolstered our efforts to combat the poaching crisis by supporting anti-poaching ranger teams in key elephant and rhino sites; and establishing a sniffer dog program to intercept ivory and rhino horn smuggling attempts at transit hubs.

Curt, it is a great pleasure to work with you and the Endangered Species Chocolate team. I hope to have the opportunity to visit Indianapolis before long to thank you in person. In fact, the director of our programs in Kenya, Fiesta Warinwa, is planning to be in the U.S. in early April. If you are in Indianapolis at that time I would like to bring Fiesta by the ESC office to share details on the great work she is carrying out to protect elephants and other wildlife in the Kilimanjaro region and other key landscapes in Kenya. She is a tireless, enthusiastic conservation champion and I think you would enjoy meeting her.

For now, please accept the gratitude of the entire AWF staff, our board of Trustees and our community conservation partners throughout Africa.

Best Regards,
Kurt Redenbo
AWF Director, Foundation & Corporate Relations