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December 18th, 2012
Natalia Wolting
Endangered Species Chocolate
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Endangered Species Chocolate Announces 2013-2015 10% GiveBack Partners

INDIANAPOLIS – After an intensive selection process, Endangered Species Chocolate (ESC) is pleased to announce its 10% GiveBack partners for 2013-2015 are African Wildlife Foundation(AWF)  and the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation (Xerces).  This is the third partnership for AWF and the first for Xerces. Both organizations will receive 10 percent of ESC net profits or a guaranteed minimum contribution of $10,000 annually.

ESC received over 20 applications from non-profits for the partnership and each organization was ranked by the company on aspects such as transparent accountability, species impact, and social outreach.  AWF and Xerces applications received the highest rankings from the company.  As a previous partner, AWF has already experienced how ESC’s 10% GiveBack donation can boost species conservation endeavors.
“AWF is thrilled to be selected as a 10% GiveBack partner of Endangered Species Chocolate for the period 2013 through 2015,” said Patrick Bergin, AWF CEO. “The continued support of our good friends at Endangered Species Chocolate – along with their growing numbers of loyal customers – is tremendously important for enabling AWF’s field staff to carry out projects to conserve Africa’s wildlife and wild lands.”

Bergin noted that the 10% GiveBack collaboration with ESC will continue to advance AWF’s African Apes Initiative. This program protects key habitats for Africa’s four great ape species (chimpanzee, bonobo, mountain gorilla and lowland gorilla). The 10% GiveBack will also provide additional momentum to AWF’s Rhino and Elephant Campaigns that are combating the escalating poaching of these two iconic African animals.

Established in 1971, the Xerces Society is at the forefront of invertebrate protection, harnessing the knowledge of scientists and the enthusiasm of local citizens to implement conservation and education programs.

“Insects and other invertebrates are vital for pollination, provide food for fish and birds, and help keep our environment healthy in a myriad of ways,” said Scott Hoffman Black, Executive Director of the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation. “We are very excited to partner with Endangered Species Chocolate to engage a broader audience in a dialogue about how we can best protect these important animals.”

The GiveBack will help fund Xerces programs that focus on conservation education.  The Bring Back the Pollinators campaign trains farmers and others to protect and restore habitat for bees and other beneficial insects. The aquatic program provides advice and resources to watershed stewards for monitoring the health of streams, rivers, and wetlands. Xerces endangered species program works with land managers and citizens to survey for and conserve disappearing butterflies and bumble bees

ESC’s current 2010-2012 10% GiveBack partners are African Wildlife Foundation and SEEtheWILD. For more information, or to place an order to help support the company’s 10% GiveBack visit


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Indianapolis-based Endangered Species Chocolate is a mission-driven company that is passionate about chocolate and the environment. Endangered Species Chocolate is committed to providing chocolate-lovers with premium, all-natural and organic chocolates that are ethically traded and sustainably grown. Adding to the impact of each chocolate bar, Endangered Species Chocolate donates 10—percent of net profits to fund species and habitat conservation. A top selling brand in the natural food category, Endangered Species Chocolate offers more than 30 products. For more information, visit