For Immediate Release
February 18th, 2015
Kelly Young

Endangered Species Chocolate Announces
Their Company is America’s First Chocolate Brand Made with
Fully Traceable Fairtrade Cocoa from West Africa

West African farmers benefit from every purchase of chocolate bars

INDIANAPOLIS –Endangered Species Chocolate (ESC) announced today that its chocolate bar line has received certification by Fairtrade America and is now offering the first ever chocolate bars made in America from Fairtrade certified West African cocoa beans that can be fully traced from farm to chocolate bar. ESC has committed that only fully traceable cocoa beans sustainably grown and harvested under Fairtrade standards will be used to make their chocolate.

“Though we’ve always been proud of our fully traceable product and ethical practices, it is especially exciting to partner with a globally recognized organization like Fairtrade,” says Curt Vander Meer, CEO of Endangered Species Chocolate. “To combine our traceability requirements and the Fairtrade standards, and to be the first American chocolate maker to do that, is especially sweet. This assures our customers that every bite of our chocolate bars are making a positive impact in the lives of small-scale farmers in West Africa.”

The cocoa used by ESC is grown by West African farmers who follow rigorous standards for protection of workers’ rights and the environment. When a customer purchases ESC’s Fairtrade certified bars, West African farmers earn a fair price and an additional Fairtrade social premium to invest in business and community projects such as improving education and healthcare, protecting their environment and improving their economic well-being.

“Fairtrade is about delivering greater benefits of trade to farmers in the developing world – fair payments, a sustainable environment and just working conditions,” said Hans Theyer, Executive Director of Fairtrade America, the U.S. representative of the international Fairtrade system. “The FAIRTRADE Mark on every Endangered Species Chocolate wrapper demonstrates the company’s commitment to ethical trade and social impact. It is very encouraging to see how ESC, like many other Fairtrade partners, makes social impact part of their business model. Consumers like to know where their food is coming from and now have the unique opportunity to enjoy delicious Endangered Species Chocolate bars made in America with Fairtrade cocoa that can be traced back to Fairtrade farms in West Africa.”

ESC products will soon display the international FAIRTRADE Mark, which designates that the product meets the social, economic and environmental standards set by Fairtrade International. The Mark symbolizes the optimism of producers, linking the everyday determination of people in developing countries with the aspiration of consumers everywhere.

This significant certification, along with ESC’s 10% GiveBack program underscores the company’s mission to be a leader and trendsetter in the natural food market.


About Endangered Species Chocolate
Indianapolis-based Endangered Species Chocolate is a mission-driven company that is passionate about chocolate and the environment. Endangered Species Chocolate is committed to providing chocolate-lovers with premium, natural chocolates that are ethically traded and sustainably grown. Adding to the impact of each chocolate bar, Endangered Species Chocolate donates 10 percent of net profits to fund species and habitat conservation. A top selling brand in the natural food category, Endangered Species Chocolate offers more than 30 products. For more information, visit