For Immediate Release
March 8th, 2018
Tod Dalberg

Endangered Species Chocolate GiveBack Funds
Positively Impact Conservation Projects

Indianapolis-based chocolate company has given over $5 million to conservation networks over the last 12 years.

INDIANAPOLIS - Endangered Species Chocolate (ESC) recently empowered conservation organizations with its annual GiveBack promise, contributing 10% of its 2017 net profits to wildlife initiatives. Contributions helped launch new species protection programs and saved 1.3 million acres of endangered species’ habitats.

Through its GiveBack Program, Endangered Species Chocolate annually gives 10% of its net profits to two GiveBack and three Alumni Partners. Since 2005, Endangered Species Chocolate has given $5 million to conservation efforts worldwide. Charitable partners are free to use the funds on projects they view as most important, with 100% of contributed funds allocated to conservation initiatives.

One of the 2017 GiveBack recipients, Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN), used the ESC GiveBack support for its innovative Elephant Crisis Fund (ECF), which deploys 100% of every donation to the very best ideas from vetted organizations to save elephants and stop the trafficking of their ivory. Since its inception, the ECF has supported more than 180 projects implemented by 89 organizations across Africa and Asia.

"ESC’s funding has been pivotal to ensure a future for elephants,” said Jeffrey “Jefe” Parrish, Vice President for Conservation at the Wildlife Conservation Network. “Thanks to the generosity of Endangered Species Chocolate, we are confident we will ensure ultimate victory for this most iconic of species.”

ESC’s contributions were also used to help another 2017 GiveBack partner, Rainforest Trust, save 1.3 million acres of habitat across Asia, Australia and Latin and South Americas.

“Endangered Species Chocolate is a leader in recognizing the importance of saving the habitat as a first, and most important step to saving species,” said Dr. Paul Salaman, Rainforest Trust CEO. “Rainforest Trust is proud of our partnership and the positive impact ESC has made on our work worldwide. Together we are saving species, caring for communities and protecting our planet.”

In conjunction with its GiveBack and Alumni programs, ESC makes a promise to continually support efforts that aid species, habitat and humanity around the globe – a mission that has been with the company since its origin.

“The strong sales of our great-tasting chocolate allows us to fulfill our company mission,” said Endangered Species Chocolate CEO Curt Vander Meer. “ESC honors this commitment through Fair Trade practices, social engagement and education, in addition to contributing 10% of our net profits annually.”

ESC is continuing its GiveBack partnerships in 2018 with Wildlife Conservation Network and Rainforest Trust along with new initiatives and further focus around the elephant crisis.


About Endangered Species Chocolate
Indianapolis-based Endangered Species Chocolate (ESC) is a mission-driven company that is passionate about chocolate and the environment. ESC is committed to providing chocolate-lovers with premium, natural chocolates that are ethically traded and sustainably grown. Adding to the impact of each chocolate bar, ESC donates 10 percent of net profits to fund species and habitat conservation. A top selling brand in the natural food category, ESC offers more than 30 products. For more information, visit

About Wildlife Conservation Network
The Wildlife Conservation Network is a U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to ensuring a future for threatened wildlife around the world. Known as "the venture capital firm for wildlife," WCN provides the financial and technical capacity for grassroots organizations to deliver conservation results on the ground. WCN is the #1 rated wildlife NGO by Charity Navigator, based on its fiscal transparency and efficiency. 100% of every dollar donated is sent directly to the field where it can have the greatest impact. For more information, visit

About Rainforest Trust
Rainforest Trust, a U.S.-based conservation nonprofit organization, protects vital habitat around the world for species, communities and the planet. Since 1988, the U.S.-based conservation nonprofit organization Rainforest Trust has helped safeguard more than 17.6 million acres of wildlife habitat around the world. To learn more about Rainforest Trust’s global conservation projects, please visit: