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10% GiveBack Spotlight | Ewaso Lions

Photo credit: Tony Allport

If there’s a kid in your family, chances are they are signed up for some type of camp this summer. We were excited to learn that Endangered Species Chocolate’s 10% GiveBack to Wildlife Conservation Network supports projects like Ewaso Lions Lion Kids Camp, a program for Kenyan children that combines summer camp fun and an investment in the next generation of conservationists.

Children in this region spend most of their time in wildlife areas looking after their family’s livestock, yet have limited to zero exposure to conservation education and training. And often, their experiences with wildlife have been negative (like seeing an elephant chase a community member or a leopard running off with the family goat). Ewaso Lions uses Lion Kids Camp to show young herders how to better co-exist with elephants, lions, and other carnivores.

Teaching children about safe herding practices using a model of a boma, a fortified livestock enclosure.
Photo by Tony Allport

This spring marked the 7th Lion Kids Camp and brought together 26 young herders from two different tribes: Turkana and Samburu. The children relished the opportunity to learn about their local wildlife and participate in conservation-themed activities including wildlife safaris, dramas, creative arts sessions, and our special conservation game.

Upon returning to home, Nagumo, a young Turkana herder, described how he was now acting like a Conservancy Ranger; reporting any information about lions and elephants and telling his community to improve their bomas (fortified livestock enclosures) to reduce conflict. This is exactly why it is important to engage herders – they make great ambassadors for wildlife! Through our partnership with Wildlife Conservation Network, we are proud to be part of saving African lions. Each Endangered Species Chocolate purchase sends support to this and other wildlife-saving programs. You can further support the Ewaso Lions team by designating your WCN donation to this program; 100% of your donation will go directly to the field to support lions.