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This Chocolate Changes Lives for Rhinos

Have you ever stopped to wonder what sort of impact your Endangered Species Chocolate purchase truly has on wildlife? Take a look at how African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is using funds from Endangered Species Chocolate to make things safer for rhinos!

A sweet safe haven

AWF uses Endangered Species Chocolate GiveBack funds to support Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary, a stronghold for black rhinos in Kenya. This protective zone gives critically endangered rhinos a safe place to roam and reproduce without the constant threat of poaching.

Endangered Species Chocolate contributions enabled AWF to purchase additional ranger patrol equipment and maintain sanctuary fences within the sanctuary. The updated equipment and improvements have greatly improved the morale and efficiency of the anti-poaching ranger force.

Rhino and calf residing in Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary

Rangers monitoring the sanctuary’s new watering hole
Like water for chocolate

Chocolate-fueled funds also made it possible to extend water pipelines, resulting in more watering spots throughout the sanctuary. This has helped reduce competition among wildlife for water access and has helped to keep more rhinos in the protection zone. The newly-constructed watering holes also provide ideal conditions to identify rhinos during night censuses.

This chocolate changes lives
In 1986, Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary started off with a population of three rhinos. Today, more than 100 black rhinos roam this protected landscape alongside a multitude of other wildlife, including elephants.

So thank you! Thank you for each and every Endangered Species Chocolate purchase! We’ll keep doing our part, creating chocolate too delicious to resist, with one goal in mind – to grow our GiveBack year after year. Together, chocolate-lovers, there’s no limit to the good we can do!

Go here for more on Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary. Support African Wildlife Foundation to ensure wildlife and wild lands thrive in modern Africa.

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