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Endangered Species Chocolate Launches Patent-Pending Single Serve Bar: ‘ESC DUOZ’

The dual-filled chocolate bar gives customers two unique flavors, side by side, in a single serving package

Endangered Species Chocolate (ESC), the number one ranking premium natural chocolate brand, has announced the launch of its revolutionary product ‘ESC DUOZ,’ a dual-filled, single-serve chocolate bar. Backed by customer insights, the company is confident in the bars strong positioning and unique, industry-changing patent-pending process of creation. ESC DUOZ is the first of its kind to use a one-shot process to create dual, side-by-side fillings in one continuous movement, pairing ESC’s premium chocolate with quality ingredients.

“We developed DUOZ to provide our customers with a unique candy bar experience, but in an innovative, non-traditional way,” said Whitney Bembenick, ESC’s Director of Innovation. “Consumers are looking for simplicity, and this format delivers a premium, indulgent chocolate experience in a single serving. Chocolate is personal, and we wanted to create a special moment for our customers with this product.”

ESC DUOZ will launch with two flavor combinations, chosen through the company’s in-depth customer research and Bembenick’s knack for trend spotting. The first bar places caramel and peanut butter side by side, a classic pairing which evokes a nostalgic feeling. The second hosts coffee caramel and cinnamon caramel, inspired by the flavors found in an afternoon pick-me-up treat at a premium coffee house.

“Every product and moment we create is driven by the needs of our customers,” said Tod Dalberg, Director of Brand and Marketing. “We want to cater to our core audiences while fulfilling our mission, producing quality chocolate offerings while supporting conservation efforts.”

ESC DUOZ will be available to ship to retailers in April and will be available on shelves in May. The product is being unveiled at the upcoming Natural Foods Expo West from March 7th – 9th in Anaheim, CA, those interested can get a first look by visiting the Endangered Species booth, #1626.

About Endangered Species Chocolate
Endangered Species Chocolate provides premium chocolates made with ethically sourced, high quality, and environmentally sustainable ingredients that not only taste good, but do good. ESC dedicates 10% of their annual net profits to supporting wildlife conservation, adding up to over $1.7M donated to its giveback partners in the last three years alone. Chocolate lovers know that when they buy an Endangered Species Chocolate product, they’re not only getting a delightful premium treat, but they’re also supporting a worthy mission. For more: