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Since 2016 over $2,100,000 has been donated to save wildlife.

INDIANAPOLIS April 22, 2020, Indianapolis-based Endangered Species Chocolate (ESC) is the number one ranking premium natural chocolate brand in North America. ESC is distributed in over 25,000 retail locations in the US and Canada and is committed to crafting delicious chocolate made from real ingredients while supporting species, habitat, and humanity. On the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, ESC is proud to be actively supporting conservation domestically and globally by providing funds to organizations who are protecting wildlife, saving habitats, and planting trees.

With ESCs customers support and conservation partnerships, a new species of shark has been discovered, anti-poaching efforts to protect elephants and gorillas have been implemented, more than 520,000 acres of rainforest land has been saved, and millions of trees have been planted across America.

“Together with ESC, we will restore endangered species’ habitat and engage more Americans in stewardship on their backyard National Forest.  This partnership is also an important example of how companies can make a meaningful impact on the biodiversity and the environment in our country.’, Mary Mitsos, President of the National Forest Foundation.

For over 26 years, every purchase of ESC chocolate has contributed to making our world a better place through giving 10% of annual net profits to its GiveBack and Alumni partners who allocate the funds to projects that save wildlife and habitats. Currently, ESC is partnering with two organizations, the National Forest Foundation and the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International and continues to support its Alumni partners which include Wildlife Conservation Network, Rainforest Trust, African Wildlife Foundation, Xerces Society, Chimp Haven, and See Turtles.

“Earth Day is an annual reminder for us to reflect on all the work that has been done to protect the environment throughout the years and to remind us there is even more work that needs to be done”, says Curt Vander Meer, CEO of Endangered Species Chocolate.” We celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day filled with pride and admiration for all those on the front lines protecting species and habitats across the globe. Our Giveback and Alumni partners represent some of the best of the best, making positive impacts in the world today. We recognize the amazing work they are doing and promise to keep doing our part by creating real, delicious chocolate, growing our company and donations to one day hitting the company goal of giving back $1 million dollars annually. We thank our customers for being part of this journey, and for helping ESC shape a brighter tomorrow.”

“Endangered Species Chocolate has been a champion for wildlife conservation through its mission and actions. They have provided invaluable support to WCN and its field conservation partners for over four years. ESC is a company that lives out its values and can connect with people around the world in a delicious and meaningful way. We are grateful and honored to be part of the ESC family”, Charles Knowles: President & Co-founder, Wildlife Conservation Network.

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About Endangered Species Chocolate
Endangered Species Chocolate provides premium chocolates made with ethically sourced, high quality, and environmentally sustainable ingredients that not only taste good but do good. ESC dedicates 10% of annual net profits to supporting wildlife conservation, adding up to over $2.1 million donated to their giveback partners since 2016. Chocolate lovers know that when they buy an Endangered Species Chocolate product, they’re not only getting a delightful premium treat but also supporting a worthy mission.