National Forest Foundation

The National Forest Foundation mission is to engage Americans in promoting the health and public enjoyment of our National Forests.

National Forests and Grasslands are at the core of America’s natural riches, and yet, today these treasures are threatened by unprecedented challenges.

America’s 193-million-acre National Forest System provides clean water, gives home to the amazing diversity of life, offers thrilling year-round outdoor experiences for us all, and binds us to our country’s history and each other. The National Forest Foundation (NFF) works on behalf of these boundless and beautiful landscapes – restoring fish and wildlife habitat, planting trees in wildfire-damaged areas, improving trails, and strengthening Americans’ natural connection to these wild places.

Together with the U.S. Forest Service, companies, and local organizations, we make a difference for National Forests. Our partnership with Endangered Species Chocolate is an important example of how businesses can make a meaningful impact on the biodiversity and the environment in our country.

— Mary Mitsos, President of the National Forest Foundation.

The NFF supports wildlife habitat restoration across their programs. The tree-planting effort improves key habitat for endangered species like red-cockaded woodpecker, grizzly bears, Kirtland’s warbler, and many more. Competitive grants support many local organizations that enhance wildlife habitat in their backyard forests. And the Treasured Landscapes initiative restores ecosystems on a large scale that makes a positive impact on wildlife.




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