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Chocolate Bars

Single Serve

  • oat milk dark chocolate

    55% COCOA

    Oat milk tames the complex flavor of cocoa for a modern take on chocolate.

  • dark chocolate rice crisps

    60% COCOA

    Subtly, sweet 60% cocoa packed with the crunch of airy rice crisps.

  • DUOZ peanut butter

    60% COCOA

    Creamy Caramel + Peanut Butter side by side, a classic pairing which evokes a nostalgic feeling.

  • Duoz cinnamon caramel coffee

    60% COCOA

    Inspired by premium coffee house flavors, coffee caramel and cinnamon caramel are combined to make the afternoon pick-me-up treat.

  • Panther Bites Bag

    88% COCOA

    Our most powerful 88% cocoa dark chocolate for an experience for the ultimate dark chocolate lover.

  • Owl Bites Bag

    72% COCOA

    The strong, rich flavors of our 72% cocoa dark chocolate are mixed with flavorful flakes of natural Real Salt® and crunchy, nutty delicious almond bits.

Baking Chips

Holiday Bars

Nothing but the good stuff

Our chocolate has only a handful of real, responsibly sourced ingredients with absolutely zero artificial sweeteners or additives. Only the good stuff makes the cut.

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