Our Giveback

10% of our net profits are donated annually to current 10% GiveBack Partners;  each is guaranteed a minimum annual donation of $10,000 and is free to use the funds on projects they deem most important. With over $1.3 million generated in the past three years alone, each chocolate purchase adds up to big support that helps wildlife thrive.

2017 Impact Report 

Our Sourcing

Choosing our chocolate is one way you can honor farmers and support
sustainable farming practices. We pay a social premium for our ingredients
to ensure that farmers are supported and species are protected. Please take
a look at our certifications by clicking on the logos below.

FairTrade LogoVeganGluten FreeNon-GmoKosher

Fairtrade Sheet

Our Quality Standards

To create the very best chocolate, we use ingredients that meet strict standards for quality, ethical trade and environmental sustainability.




Endangered Species Chocolate has an established history of working with cocoa farmers in West Africa, supporting growers that commit to high standards for quality and ethical trade. Now, Endangered Species Chocolate is expanding that support with the transparent reporting resources of Fairtrade International, resulting in the first American-made chocolate using fully traceable cocoa from West Africa.

Non-GMO Verified

Non-GMO Project Verified

This seal verifies that our chocolate is produced according to rigorous best practices of GMO avoidance. The Non-GMO Project and Endangered Species Chocolate respects your right to know what’s in the food you’re eating and the products you’re buying.

Vegan Certified

Vegan Action

Many of our dark chocolate selections are Certified Vegan® by Vegan Action. This certification provides vegans an easy-to-recognize symbol signifying than an item contains no animal products and is not tested on animals. Please note that Vegan Certification is not an allergen certification. If you have dairy allergies, please refer to the allergen statement located on the ingredient panel of our chocolate products.



A gluten-free diet is a diet completely free of ingredients derived from wheat, barley, rye, and triticale. Endangered Species Chocolate meets the strictest standards for gluten-free, going beyond the requirements of government law and regulations. This symbol enables people to easily identify our chocolate as a gluten-free good with confidence.


Endangered Specie Chocolate products are certified kosher-dairy by Orthodox Union (OU). For over 80 years, the OU has maintained the highest standard of kosher supervision and Kosher Certifications. Since our milk and dark chocolate is processed on shared equipment, all of our chocolates are certified kosher-dairy.

Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil


The dairy-free creme found in our 3oz. Filled Bars is made using RSPO Certified palm oil, sourced from Brazilian grower, Agropalma. RSPO certification promotes the growth and use of sustainable palm oil, helping reduce the negative impact of palm oil cultivation on the environment. Additionally, IBD EcoSocial certification provides traceability of fair trade and zero deforestation criteria.